Everyday Groceries

You will need to buy bread and milk on a weekly basis due to their short best before dates. The last thing you want is to wake up nice and fresh, have time for breakfast but find the milk has gone off or the bread is mouldy so just pop down to the local newsagent if a supermarket is out of the way or if you are lucky enough to live near a supermarket then you'll save more money as you'll find supermarkets tend to be cheaper.

If you like to live a bit healthy then try your local fruit and veg market. Top Tip! Find out when closing time is and go in the last 10 minutes. Market Traders will flog you what's left at next to nothing prices. Imagine boxes for no more than a couple of quid, and even then don't be scared to haggle. Remember they will have a fresh batch in the next day and at the risk of having too much stock and it going off they will get whatever they can for it to cut their losses.

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