Getting the Laundry Done

Laundry may seem like the last thing on your mind, but the last thing you want is to be getting ready for a night out and find a massive tomato ketchup stain on your favourite top.

Keep a regular habit, if possibly weekly but no more than every two weeks, and make sure you look for every last sock.

Put coloured clothes separate to white clothes.

Buy your laundry detergents/powders from the Supermarket in a decent size and you can keep it for a quite a few washes. Remember Supermarket own brands are just as good as the well known named brands so don't be put off by simple packaging.

If you have a washing line then make use of it. Hang your clothes out in the morning and it'll be dry by the evening. If it's a cold day then hang them inside on radiators (if they are on). Remember don't hang clothes indoors near fireplaces for obvious reasons. Don't keep clothes wet in a pile to dry them later as you will stink of damp.

If you only want to wash a single item of clothing just hand wash it.

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